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“Fantastic realtor! We sold our house with Daniel Bae Lee, and it couldn’t go any better!!! As we prepped our home for sale Daniel was with us on every step of the way, knowledgeable, understanding, and ethical. We received an awesome offer a week after the listing went up, and our house sale price broke the record in our neighborhood! Daniel navigated the sale with us, explained every nuance and accommodated any wish we had. We are proud to recommend Daniel to all our friends because we had an amazing experience! Beyond our expectations!!!”

– Victoria Gorbacheva

“His thinking and attitude. Daniel always listens to the need of the customer and he treats his customer as part of his family. He puts his customer benefit first.”

– Jittipat Pinitsakkun & Xaiyasone Xongmixay

Buying a property can be a stressful experience, especially in a new environment and not being familiar with the process.  However, working with Daniel has been a blessing.  We were fortunate to meet him by coincidence and his genuine personality convinced us to retain him as our real estate agent.  In a very short time, he helped us find the right property that fit our criteria.  Daniel and his team closely worked with us to obtain the loan and closed the escrow within six weeks.  His friendliness, honesty, caring, and hardworking attitude makes him a good agent.  We felt that Daniel guarded our interests well and provided us with a peace of mind in the complicated real estate transaction.”

– Mary & Richard Ko

“I have worked with Daniel for over 10 years on various rentals and sales. Daniel is such a professional, we would not consider any other broker for any of our real estate transactions. He has been an excellent and thorough negotiator. He is a true partner.”

– Lesley G.

“I listed my apartment with Daniel after trying FSBO and he was able to perfectly close on the day my tenant’s lease expired and bring in a 15.6% higher sales price after deducting his commission while I was away in several foreign countries! Other brokers wanted to list at ridiculously lower or higher prices, waste time or money with furniture stagings and unnecessary cosmetics, delays for better openings, or for the apartment to be vacated. Daniel knew the market, correctly priced my unit, and closed the deal yielding a record price over a year later. How do I know he got the best fair market price for my unit: It was rapidly bid up to what buyers were willing to pay at that time and sold without spoiling on the market. Highly recommend Daniel in a heartbeat. I have known Daniel for about 10 years and was his neighbor for several. He is always in character: polite and professional. Daniel leverages his extensive experience as broker, knowledge as a real estate attorney, as well as his professional contacts to bring deals together and guide you through the process. If you are a seller or leasing out your unit enough said; If you are a buyer or renter I would highly recommend interviewing Daniel Bae Lee. He will listen to you and guide you to the units suitable for you without wasting your time and guide you on a fair price in that market.”

– Christopher B.




















– 後藤武仁

Daniel Bae Lee(이배원) 에이전트님과 함께 저의집은 매매하게 되어서 정말로 행운이었습니다. 우리들의 무리한 listing price도 다 들어 주시고 성실하게 대응해 주셔서 너무 감사했습니다. 

구체적으로는 앞집에 몇 번이나 방문하여 큰 나무도 잘라 view도 향상시켜주셨고, 담장과 대문을 설치하면 좋겠다는 의견도 내어 주셔서 저의 집의 분위기가 한층 포근하고 안전감이 더해졌습니다. 

뒷집의 할머니의 무모한 요구에도 잘 대처해 주시고 센스 넘치는 staging 회사 정원사님, 건축회사분들과도, 젠틀한 열처리로 신뢰를 보여 주었습니다. 

처음 약속대로 저의 부모님 집을 팔아 그리는 마음으로 매매해 주신다고 하신 것 지켜 주셔서 정말 감사합니다. 

젊은 패기와 성실과 책임감으로 끝까지 잘 마무리 해주셨습니다. 끝으로 영어 권에 능숙하여 저같이 영어가 불편한 한국분들은 Better Homes & Gardens 이배원씨께 많은 도움을 받으실수있습니다.

– So Nan Kyeong

Daniel is truly a “family” name by now, as he helped me and my husband – as well as my parents – buy and sell several apartments. When we sold our last apartment, Daniel helped us personally with every detail. Our apartment sold after just one open house, and for well above the asking price. We could not have been happier! Daniel has the expertise, warmth and business know-how that make working with him a pleasure. He makes his clients feel listened to and cared for – a very rare quality in real estate brokers. I have recommended Daniel to friends and will gladly do so again. When the time is right to sell our current apartment, we know who to call.”

– Jennie and Ben F.