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Daniel Bae Lee

I am thankful for every blessing, roadblock, challenge, hardship, and relationship I have had so far in life because that is what has molded me into who I am today.
I love my family. I love my wife and I love my daughter. They mean everything to me and they are one of my biggest motivators in life.

I’m a firm believer in living a life of integrity. It’s important to me that I do the right thing.
I love excellent customer service; which is why it’s important I strive to reciprocate it in whatever I do or whoever I’m with.

I enjoy meeting new people and hearing their life stories. I find it fascinating hearing stories of their occupation, hobbies, children, vacations, and anything else they want to share with me.
I love what I do. I really enjoy every aspect of real estate and the lifestyle it provides.

A little more about me: 

• Studied Organizational Business Management at Northern Illinois University

• Lived in South Korea for 5.5 years

• Became a diamond & gemstone specialist with Gemological Institute of America(GIA)

• Worked in sales, selling luxury jewelry & luxury watches at C.D. Peacock, from 2013 – 2017

• Moved to CA, worked in sales at the Rolex Boutique at South Coast Plaza, Orange County

• Moved to HI to open and manage the Rolex Boutique at the International Market Place, Waikiki, from 2018 – 2020

• Joined Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Advantage Realty as a Realtor Associate in 2020 – Present

I’m fortunate and one of the lucky ones to have end up in Hawaii. I am thankful I can wake up every morning and call Hawaii my home, and I hope to help others do the same. The more you experience Hawaii, you will start to feel the aloha spirit and will then understand, that’s what makes Hawaii so special.


Daniel Bae Lee

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4211 Waialae Avenue.  96816
MOBILE: (808) 425-3737
EMAIL: DBL@808openhouse.com


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